New & Improved Features

Learn-Wise Go is the same dependable eLearning platform you're familiar with, but now comes with major improvements and new features!

Mobile Training

Now your users can take their training wherever they go! Learn-Wise Go is optimized to work across all platforms and devices, including PCs, OSX, tablets and smartphones.

Customizable Dashboards

With Learn-Wise Go, you can customize your Admin and User dashboards using our new modular widget system to create a custom learning experience for your trainees!

Classroom Training

Invite and register trainees for classroom (in-person) trainings. Attach tests and surveys to be completed after the meeting. Record attendance and performance in Learn-Wise Go manually or with a system-generated code.

Webinar Training

Directly invite and register trainees for webinars. Approved attendees can launch the webinar through Learn-Wise Go. The platform tracks attendance and allows admins to attach tests and surveys to be completed after the webinar.


Focusing On What Matters Most

Engage Users with a Custom Rewards program to get your trainees excited for eLearning. Motivate users by offering rewards based on the successful completion of designated trainings. Administrators design the program, reward levels and external rewards for participating trainees.

Use Surveys to gauge training efficiency and user engagement. The Learn-Wise Go Survey tool allows administrators to gain valuable feedback from their users. You can deliver surveys to individuals or groups. Surveys can be issued as a standalone survey or linked to a Lesson Plan, webinar, or classroom training. All data is captured and available for review in the Dynamic Reports section.

Dynamic Reports help visualize data into useful infographics for easy analysis. Utilize the standard reports or create custom reports with the Dynamic Reports feature. Filter, select fields, map functions and more – then save the report template for future use. Reports can be exported directly into Excel.


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